How to Start a Beauty Blog From Scratch

How to Start a Beauty Blog From Scratch

Creating your own beauty blog can be a great way to turn your passion into revenue if you have an interest in fashion and beauty.

Among the most popular niches of blogging are beauty blogs.

If you develop the right kind of site, work hard, and share your unique perspective on beauty tips and tricks, you can make it big.

In order to start a beauty blog, what steps do you need to take?

In this newsletter, we can speak grade by grade on the way to installation and run a  hit beauty blog that makes cash. Read on for our key steps that cover…


 Steps to Create a Beauty Blog


  1. Select Hosting and Domain

If you going to start a beauty blog, then you have to choose a popular domain like .com and the best hosting plan to make your Website unique among your competitors.

This niche has more competitors and also has some potential to make income with it. If you use free platforms like blogger and any other using their subdomain, then you can’t make your site big.

So choose your domain name and hosting in best.

  • Choose .com domain which is common for all countries and easily accessible for everyone, then give your domain a name related to your niche like,, etc… like this. So it is very for your Site SEO.
  • If you’re going to buy hosting, then buy from a trusted place because most of the hosting providers are cheating by giving the worst service.
  • There are many good Hosting providers such as Bluehost, Hostinger, Siteground, and Godaddy.
  • Most of the time you get a free domain for the first year when you purchase their hosting plans, so you don’t have to spend money on a domain.
  • It will take around 3000rs to 4000rs, this is the total you are going to invest for the first year. The investment you make is totally worth it.
  • Buy hosting with a server in the United States, because it is suitable for hosting your website worldwide without any problem and also easily accessible for everyone.


  1. Choose a Platform

After you buy the hosting and domain, now it’s time to choose your platform, is the place where you set up your website and access your site using that platform.

If you are going to do only a beauty blog, then choose the WordPress platform or if you are going to sell beauty products then you can choose the wordpress+woocommerce option.

Why WordPress?

There is a strong reason behind choosing WordPress. If you are new to website building, blogging, and all, and also have no idea about codings like HTML, CSS, or javascript, then WordPress is suitable for you.

WordPress has a simple interface that is accessible to anyone who doesn’t know anything about coding.

To solve all your problems, There are thousands of plugins available for free to help you do your work peacefully.

This is one click install, where you can edit your theme easily using plugins. you can watch youtube videos to set up the theme for your site.

WordPress provides many free themes, you can choose that are suitable for your beauty blog.

More than 80% of websites are running under the WordPress platform only.


  1. Theme your beauty blog

Your website look is very important when comes to the public because attracting website themes is more liked by people and by search engine bots.

If you are going to start a beauty blog, then you have to make your website more beautiful at the same it has to be simple to use.

That Theme will make your site look more beautiful, it’s about how you choose the theme.

  • First of all, you have to consider the theme as having less loading time, a simple interface, and good looking.
  • Don’t buy a theme messy interface like having many sidebars, categories, footers, and all.
  • You can Select a theme related to your niche by searching your keyword in the theme store.
  • Ashe from WP Royal is an impressive free WordPress beauty blogging theme that you can download from the free WordPress repository.
  • Choose theme layouts with photo sliders and carousels that are suitable for a beauty blog and also able to share on social media where you can drive more traffic to your site.
  • If you like the theme, but you have to customize it according to your taste there is theme customization to customize your theme according to you.
  • You can change header style and color, background color and image, text style and font, sidebar placement, footer placement, and everything you want.


  1. Essential WordPress plugins must Install

I Already posted a dedicated post for essential plugins you must have, you can check that post by clicking here  ESSENTIAL WORDPRESS PLUGINS MUST INSTALL

Apart from that, specifically for beauty blogs, you have to install another plugin

Slider, Gallery, and Carousel with the aid of using MetaSlider – Responsive WordPress PluginSlider, Gallery, and Carousel with the aid of using MetaSlider – Responsive WordPress Plugin

Instagram Feed – Smash Balloon Social Photo Feed plugin. It is used to display all your Instagram posts on your site. It is very useful for beauty bloggers.

That’s all you need to install.


  1. Create Blog posts

When you begin a Beauty blog, there are lots to bear in mind. But generating wonderful content material must be your priority.

Let`s examined a few pinnacle pointers for growing weblog articles that make an impact…

Unique content material – You want to ensure your content material is particular and stands proud from the crowd.

Either select a spot withinside the splendor enterprise for recognition or upload your very own exciting spin on topics.

Your dependable readers can be those who for my part hook up with you as an individual, so make sure your persona shines thru your writing.

Images – Stunning, splendid pics will encourage your fans, aid your writing, and make sure your articles clutch the eye of your audience. You can use Canva to create wonderful-searching pics.

Videos – Creating motion pictures of you discussing and demonstrating the way to use specific splendor merchandise may be a powerful manner to develop your following. Create your very own YouTube channel wherein you could add your motion pictures after which honestly embed them in your weblog.

It is essential that you create a timetable to make sure that you frequently submit a number of content materials.

Once published, share your blog articles on social media and for your e-mail listing to inspire your audience to go to your web page. This will assist you to create everyday and dependable fans for your beauty blog.


  1. Monetize your Beauty Blog

Once you’ve got installation your Beauty blog, it’s far now time to monetize it. There are many strategies you could use to create sales out of your blog. Let`s have a look…

  • Google Adsense

If you post in a regular period and you meet google guidelines then you can apply for Adsense approval, after getting approval from google Adsense then you display what type of ads on which place is suitable to get more ad clicks.

Google AdSense is the primary earning method that everyone gets. Also, they follow strict rules, if you involve in any illegal activities to earn money using Adsense, then your account will get suspended and you will never apply for another Adsense account.

  • Affiliate advertising

Using Amazon Associates, you can monetize a Beauty Blog.

One of the maximum hit methods to make cash from a Beauty blog is thru associate advertising. You can be part of applicable associate applications after which sell their merchandise on your internet site.

Each time you point out a product, upload an associate hyperlink for your web page or submit. When your readers click on thru and buy the product you’ll earn a percentage of the sale.

Amazon Associates is an exceedingly smooth to apply and probably worthwhile associate program. You can use the Amazon SiteStripe device to feature associate hyperlinks to any merchandise you point out in your weblog.

Just ensure you pick out splendid merchandise that you could in reality vouch for, in any other case you’ll speedily lose your audience.


  • Display advertisements on your web page

Selling an advert area in your Beauty blog may be a wonderful approach in case you are trying to generate routine month-to-month sales. However, this can best be a possible alternative as soon as your web page is receiving plenty of traffic.


Make certain that any emblem that advertises in your weblog displays your splendor niche. You need commercials to beautify your web page, and now you are no longer put off by the consumer experience.


  • Create and promote your very own merchandise

If you’ve got got an eye fixed for layout, then growing and promoting your very own merchandise can be an alternative as soon as your weblog is up and running.

WooCommerce is a freemium eCommerce plugin to allow you to show your weblog right into a fully functioning online store.

Concentrate first off on constructing up a devoted audience, as you’ll then have the best goal marketplace to promote to.

Frequently Asked Questions

Steps to create a Beauty Blog

  1. Select Hosting and Domain
  2. Choose a Platform
  3. Theme your beauty blog
  4. Essential WordPress plugins must Install
  5. Create Blog posts
  6. Monetize your Beauty Blog

An established Norman Beauty blogger can make a minimum of $3000 per month. I'm not exaggerating, this niche has more potential to make more money by many methods.

  1. Select Hosting and Domain
  2. Choose a Platform
  3. Theme your beauty blog
  4. Essential WordPress plugins must Install
  5. Create Blog posts
  6. Monetize your Beauty Blog


This is the way you can create your beauty blog easier and quicker. So, don’t waste your time. Start your blog today itself and post articles or photos to earn money.

If you would like to want more updates on Money Making Online, Youtube tips, and tricks, and Blogging Tips and Tricks, Then follow my site and get updated yourself.

You can also bookmark my site where it is easy to access our site whenever you want.

Thank you…


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