Secret Way to get Adsense Approval for your Blog site

Secret Way to get Adsense Approval for your Blog site

If you are a beginner to blogging and want to earn on blogging, but you are struggling to get Adsense approval from Google Adsense.

Then I’ll show you a secret and easy way to get monetized in one month. Trust me this is not a clickbait or just to attract you to read or watch my site.

If you follow all methods that I’m gonna show you, then you’ll get monetized from Google Adsense in one day after following my method for one month.

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Let’s go…


  1. Domain Name

First, you have to buy your own domain name, Don’t use subdomains of others like Blogger, Wix, WordPress, etc…

Example: not

Why I’m telling you to buy your own domain means more than it gives you a separate identity for your website, Google Adsense Team will give more preference to websites that have a separate domain name.

No Problem if you have a subdomain and do not have money to buy a domain name, for these bloggers I’ll take even more days to get Google Adsense approval than usual. But in some cases, it’ll happen the same as bloggers having a separate domain name. But it’s not guaranteed for subdomain bloggers.

They consider domain authority which is the main thing to focus on for every blogger. If you have your own domain name,  then you don’t want to worry about it.

There are many service providers available online providing domain names at a low cost. One of the low and cheapest domain name providers was here you can buy the .xyz domain for under 100rs for one year.

If you have a low budget, then you can go with the .xyz domain, otherwise, the domain costs around 800-900rs a year.

What difference between these two domains are .xyz domain has no more visibility to the audience. If you type some website name in URL how you’ll type for example like this. Because usually .com is for a global audience.

.in domain is also good if you’re an Indian blogger who has more visibility and audience.

Don’t get panic after seeing the above things a simple domain is enough for a beginner. After you get more visibility and google Adsense approval you can change to the popular domain you want.

For now, this domain is enough. Also buying a separate domain name is not more important to get monetized, but it is an added advantage for you.

For this advantage, you going to spend just $1 around 100rs only for a whole year.

My Personal advice doesn’t give your own name as your domain name. Give Your domain name a unique and niche-related one.


  1. Hosting

Don’t get panic, you don’t want to buy any hosting for your website. There are many free hosting providers like Blogger, WordPress, Wix, etc…

You can use them for no cost it gives you fast and unlimited storage to host your website online. Prefer Blogger, because it is a Google-owned platform.

If you know how to place and edit simple HTML codes then it is suitable for you. Otherwise, you use the platform where you don’t need any coding knowledge to edit or place codes.


  1. Theme

It is the third most important thing you have to focus on. Just google search lightweight blogger themes. Otherwise use Astra which is the best in the market and used by many bloggers, because of its unique, lightweight, and fast-loaded webpage.

Why theme is more important. The theme only makes your site looks attractive and loaded faster. If you use any low-grade theme it will load the page slowly, it will affect your audience bounce rate and audience retention rate.

If your site gets a high bounce rate and very slow loading speed then Google Algorithm will automatically ignore your site and show other sites to the audience even if you have more important and useful unique content.

They prefer good-looking and fast-loaded sites to more informational sites. Because they have to give results according to their audience to use their products repeatedly.

So only they chose fast-loaded and good-looking sites than slowly loaded informational sites.

To avoid these things, choose the best theme applicable to your site.


  1. Add Categories and Pages

If you are going to work on a specific niche then provide two or more categories on your site. Also, Add the five most important pages to your site that are,

  1. About Us
  2. Contact Us
  3. Disclaimer
  4. Terms and Conditions
  5. Privacy Policy

It will take you only 10 mins to add these 5 pages to your site. Each page has a separate generator online for free. you can search and copy those according to your website name and niche.

Just Google – Disclaimer generator, terms and conditions generator, etc… It’s just an easy thing to do and it is an important thing for your website also.


  1. Post 40 to 50 Posts

To get Google Adsense approval you have to post at least 40 to 50 posts with a words minimum of 750 words(recommended).

Don’t post less than 750 words. Then it is difficult to get Adsense approval.

A secret way to post 40 to 50 posts in one day

You can do all these things in just one day. From creating domain and hosting, theme selection, adding categories and pages, and posts.

To get 50 posts in 1hr carefully follow my words, Choose any language website related to your niche. For example – if you are going to put posts in English on your website, then choose another language website that is related to your niche like news channels that put the same content in different languages.

Like news channels, we are going to do the same thing in a different way. Visit other language sites related to your content, then copy the articles related to your niche.

Then paste that content into google translate where you can translate it to any language. In that google translate, convert the pasted content into what language you want.

Next don’t paste that content blindly on your blog site. To proofread means read that article fully and correct it if the words are mismatched or it has wrong sentence formation.

Because Google translate never translates the article accurately and also doesn’t post the article as it was translated.

For proofreading, you can use Grammarly Extensions which is very helpful for everyone. It will correct grammar mistakes, and spelling mistakes, and even it will change the whole sentence for free.

After fully checking and correcting that article, then Give Unique titles, Headings, and Subheadings to that article.

If you put that article as it is. Then it is considered copyrighted content. Don’t Get worried by doing these things perfectly then you won’t get any problems.

By doing this method you can create 50 posts in one day.

The More Important Thing to follow is to Don’t post all articles in one day, it will consider malpractice and you’ll never get Adsense approval.

Post daily one or Two articles is a healthier and a good thing.

Done all these things perfectly for one month, then You will get Adsense Approval easily without any problem in one day.

Then you can make money and enjoy your life.

You don’t have any traffic to get Adsense approval. Many Bloggers including me got Adsense approval with Zero Traffic.


Follow and subscribe to my blog site to get more updates and tricks about blogging to make money easily without any problem.

Trust me and comment down your problem about blogging, I will sort your problems quickly.

Thank you…

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