5 Steps to improve Struck YouTube channel growth

5 Steps to Improve your Struck YouTube channel growth

After creating a YouTube channel and putting many videos in your channel. But you won’t get any views or growth in your channel.  It will make you tenser and make you quit this channel.

To get over this situation you have to follow 5 steps to improve your struck youtube channel growth constantly without any problem.

Here I’ll show you 5 steps to improve your struck youtube channel growth


  1. Analyze your high performed (or) performing videos

Analyze your Youtube channel analytics about your channel’s top 10 videos that performed more than other videos.

Try to understand why it’s getting more attention among viewers. What type of topic did you choose and what method of video editing did you do.

You also know what style of narration you did for that video and what thumbnail and titles you were given for that video.

Because someone comes from the thumbnail, someone clicks from your title and someone clicks that video because it shows in their suggestion list.

Make a similar concept of video related to your high-performing videos. Try to give a different treatment for that to show that it is a new video of the same topic.

This method will get a chance of more clicks and viewers for your videos and your channel.

For example, if you are putting a video about “Instagram tips and tricks” which get more views than usual like 330k views then make a video according to that topic in a different style. For example, you can make a video for “Instagram hidden tips and tricks that you don’t know”. This topic will definitely get more attention among viewers.

How it will work means if you put this new topic video in that popular video suggestion section then automatically it gets more attention.

You can also give end cards and add cards to your old popular video. Youtube itself will show off your new topic video in the suggestion section as it is similar to your old video, it will automatically boost your video performance and your youtube channel growth.


  1. Increase Audience Retention

As said in the above step most popular videos are mostly get placed in the suggestion section. You have to make your channel homepage with the most popular videos.

Because it is the first page that appears when you open your channel.

To increase audience retention you have to analyze your video’s performance in that where the audiences are getting bored and moved off to another video.

This means your video content is failed to make the viewers stay in your video for more period.

To avoid these types of problems you have to concentrate on crisp content creation which has more value that the audience won’t get go out for another video and stay in your video itself for a long time.

If you open Youtube, you can see a lot of videos suggested to you on your homepage of the youtube app and Youtube, desktop.

It is suggested by the Youtube algorithm according to what type of videos you are searching and viewing on youtube. This section only gives more views to the youtube video.

To get placed in this section you have to search and analyze your viewers what they are searching and watching and make videos according to their queries will get you placed on that suggestion section where your videos will get more attention and clicks.

To get more clicks you have to create attractive, tempting, and clickable thumbnails. Because thumbnails only make audiences click and watch our videos.

After they clicked it is your video content’s job whether it changes viewers into subscribers or lost subscribers and low viewer duration.

So follow this step to increase audience retention for your video.


  1. How to make videos to keep viewers engaged

Follow up to step 2. This step shows you to create engaging videos. For this, you have to give a 30seconds  fast cut of your full video content.

For example 2 mins trailer for 2.30hrs full movie. That trailer only made us watch the full movie. If you cut the trailer in a slow-paced mode then audience engagement to that movie will become low.

So only, every filmmaker is making their trailer more fast-paced and in an engaging way to pull the audience to watch their movie by creating curiosity of that film.

Like this, you have to put 30 seconds of introduction with the best part of your video at the start of your video.

By seeing that 30 seconds, the audience will decide whether they want that video or not. Most of them will watch your video fully. This will increase your video and channel growth.

How they will watch that full video by seeing the 30 seconds cut. It does not only matter about that 30 seconds intro also depends on what type of videos they are searching for and viewing for.

Without their interest, your video will never get suggested by youtube. If your video is suggested for a person who is searching related to that topic and your video has an attractive thumbnail will get clicked by that person.

After that 30 Seconds intro of your full-length video is shown, then that person will choose whether that video is useful for him or not.

If it is useful for him then he will watch that video fully. The person also has a high chance of getting converted into your subscribers.


  1. Create Attractive Titles

To attract a normal audience to your video you have to create attractive titles which make the audience create some curiosity on that video.

From that, you will get more viewers and subscribers. According to youtube says that more than the video content the thumbnails, titles, and topics are the only thing that makes people watch most of the videos, whether it is useful for them or not.

There are many online tools are available to create attractive and clickable titles. Go and check those tools where get benefits.

Don’t fool your audience by creating fake titles. Maybe it gives you views but you will definitely lose more subscribers.

So try to create titles according to the topic you’ve spoken about in your video. This will make you grow longer.


  1. Create a clickable Thumbnail

If you don’t know how to create a more attractive and clickable thumbnail for your videos. Then there are many tools available to solve your problem.

Like Canva you have various thumbnail templates where you can just your title and download it for your video.

They have many ready-made templates that you can just edit and use for your work. You don’t want to learn to create thumbnails and design courses and all.

Like canva there are many other platforms are available where you can get more readymade templates for your work.

Before creating thumbnails just take a look at other creators’ video thumbnails, how they make thumbnails, and which video is getting more views.

From watching other YouTuber’s video’s thumbnails itself you’ll get an idea of creating an attractive thumbnails for your video.


By following these steps your channel will definitely get more attention and viewers. I will suggest you learn from your competitors. Don’t copy their style, just watch how they approach a video and what style of videos they making.

From that, you create and approach a video in your style like adding your style of humor and editing that definitely makes you standalone and makes you a more valuable person.

Thank you…  

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