09 Faceless YouTube Channel Ideas in 2022

09 Faceless YouTube Channel Ideas in 2022

I’m gonna show you faceless youtube channel ideas that are suitable for those who don’t want to show their face but can make videos and upload them to youtube and make money online.

If you want to know more useful information about this topic then go and check my site where you can find many blog posts according to youtube money-making and tips.

Already I’ve put posts about faceless video-making sources and how you can make videos without showing your face.

Now I’m going to show you some trending best faceless channel ideas that have more potential to make videos about that niche.

09 youtube channel Niche for Faceless videos


1. DIY crafts Channel

This niche has the capacity of an audience coming from around the world. Even these niche videos don’t need any Voice over also.

Do some useful crafts that are more creative which will bring you more viewers to your channel. Checkout channels related to your channel and know how they make their videos and build an audience for their channel.

By watching your competitors or niche-related videos you will get an idea of creating videos for your niche in your style. You will know what type of video will get more views and which are not. So try to produce videos in your unique and creative style.


2. Experiment channel

This channel is more similar to the DIY channel, but it also has an audience from worldwide. There are more interesting experiment videos are available on youtube that are more popular.

You can also replicate those experiment and see it is successful or failure. Nowadays many doing these type of videos which is easy to make at your home itself.

Giving some good voice-over will attract an audience among your competitors. Make use of Youtube shorts for your channel which will- make you more viewers and subscribers for your channel.

Make sure of which audience you’re going to target whether from your country itself or the whole world and make a video according to that.


3. Whiteboard Video Channel

Creating a Whiteboard animation video is very helpful for those who seeking faceless youtube channel ideas. This is a tool or software where you can teach like in your school.

In this tool or software, you don’t want to write or draw animation. Just type the words you want to display and paste the picture then the tool itself makes a video by writing and drawing automatically.

You have to create scene by scene by yourself. It’s easy to create than make animation videos for your channel. Just copy and paste what you want into that. The software itself automatically makes videos like writing and drawing.

In his niche, your voice-over is more important. Because your voiceover will only enhance the video and make people engage with that video.

It has comparatively less work than creating animation cartoon videos and has an audience much more than the Presentation slide videos.

Presentation slide videos are also good for the faceless youtube channels. But it has a very low audience because it has no interesting and engaging content in it. Just words are written and slides for some seconds.

Many of them make these types of presentation videos for teaching purposes and have less amount of audience than those who teach with whiteboard animation.

So am avoiding this channel niche and suggest your whiteboard animation video channel.


4. Meme Video Channel

Most people visit Social media for seeing some interesting memes. Social media Meme creators with more than 10k followers are making some reasonable earnings using their account or page.

Like creating Memes on social media, you can also create Meme videos on youtube. For example, review movies using funny meme videos. This is currently becoming an interesting one on youtube.

It also drives more visitors and gets more subscribers to their channel. It does not need your face and voice. You can express your views on anything and feelings by using these Meme videos.

Many Meme creators on social media also have a Meme video channel on youtube. They already have some audience on social media. So they will get more views in their starting stage itself.

But if you’re new to this topic, then open social media accounts on famous social media platforms. Create Meme videos and share them on social media accounts, So you can get more attention from the audience which will help your channel to grow faster and longer.


5. Compilation videos channel

Make a collage of some interesting videos you found on the internet or social media. These types of videos also get more attention from the audience.

It is easy to make and upload, but the problem is you can get a high chance of copyright strikes. So be careful while using other videos.

You can make this channel niche your secondary channel. So copyright strikes will not affect your primary channel.

Give credits to the respective owner in your video description and do some edits to escape from copyright strike or claim.

These videos will never need your voice or face.


6. Interesting facts channel

Many YouTubers are creating these types of videos because everyone will have the curiosity of knowing something interesting around the world.

So only these channel videos are getting more famous on youtube. A good voice-over and great visuals are enough to run this channel more successfully.

Make attractive thumbnails to get more attention among your competitors. Shorts will help you more for this channel niche.

There is much content available online for your channel niche. So you won’t worry about getting content for your videos.


7. History Channel

This Channel niche is more similar to the above niche. In this, you have to explain the historical moments that happened around the world. Many events are happening in our world’s history.

For this channel, you have to put more work into creating good videos. These channel videos need more research and read more books for your channel niche.

Don’t create videos without proper knowledge about that topic. Because making videos without proper knowledge about that topic will make people leave your channel. This action will make your channel down and you can never get trust from that people.

So be careful and conscious about creating historical videos.


8. Top 5 or Top 10 channel video

People like to see Top 5 or Top 10 ranking videos of various topics. For example, if you want to buy the best watch then you will search for the best top watches.

You can create videos of this topic in various niches like cinema, gadgets, books, humans, etc everything. For creating these types of videos is easier.

Go and check your competitor’s videos you will get some idea of creating videos for your channel. For this niche, you can make videos of each and everything as your content.

You’ll never get empty of content for this niche. This niche will never want your face to show, but a good voice will make your videos more attractive and is suggestible to have a good voiceover for your videos.

Because of more competitors in this niche, you have to put some more effort to make your video more attractive among your competitors.


9. Home Decoration channel

Everyone in this world will celebrate their festival and have the curiosity of knowing other countries’ festivals and their home decoration and preparation.

In India, we put rangoli for all of our festivals and celebrations. So creating rangoli-related videos will get more subscribers for your channel. This niche is getting more attention from youtube.

It is an art of home décor designs, these also give you satisfaction while you watch. This video will never want you voiceover and face.

Watch your competitor’s videos on how they use their camera angles to capture their work very beautifully. It will very useful if you’re a complete beginner.

Because using the camera for this video is more important than other things.

More than this many channel ideas are there on youtube that is more famous. This channel niche is for beginners and also for everyone to get ranked faster on youtube and easy to make videos.

But also these faceless channel ideas are the trending ones to start in 2022 to get successful on youtube. I’ve already put how to get free sources like images, videos, and tools helpful for creating a full video for any youtube channel who doing without showing their face.

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Thank you…

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