How to get 1 million subscribers in 2 months in 2022

How to get 1 million subscribers in 2 months at youtube 2022

This is not clickbait, if you are new to youtube and want to reach more audiences quickly, then I’ll show you how to get 1 million subscribers in 2 months.

Read this article fully to get an idea of reaching 1 million subscribers. Achieving this goal in this competitive platform is much tougher. You can achieve your goal if put in smart work than your competitors.

You should follow some steps to achieve your goal on youtube. Many YouTubers are getting struggled to get reach more audiences on youtube whereas some YouTubers are getting famous by just doing unique and different styles of content for their audience.

Because of their smart work they’ll get more reach on youtube by getting 1 million subscribers in just 2 months.

How to choose a niche

Choosing a niche for your channel is very important if you are focusing on short-term reach on youtube. For example, some niche videos will reach the audience only if you put continuously for the long term, but some niche videos will get more attention to the audience very quickly.

For example, teaching tutorials like videos will never get much attention among people. So only most of the teaching YouTubers offer a paid course for people who visit their channel.

This is because they can’t make money by doing tutorials on youtube. The effort they put into making their videos are very high. They create videos for more than 8 hours which is appreciable.

But people don’t get attention for such videos, most of the audience seeking youtube for getting entertainment and infotainment.

Many will search for small tutorials like How to make slime at home like topics they want a quick solution for their problem. Whereas teaching is like teaching a full course for more than 10 hours is just get bored for them.

Only a few use those teaching tutorials for their career development. But if you do courses for the money you will get noticed and earn money through it.

Food videos, satisfying videos, craft videos, experiment videos will always get more attention among audiences on youtube. So try to choose a niche like these.

Above mentioned niche videos will cover audiences all over the world without any language barrier. So try to choose a niche that is acceptable to the world audience. If you want to reach fast on youtube, then choose a niche that gets more audience from worldwide.

How to Present a video

After choosing a niche you have to focus on creating content on how it is presentable. Don’t make videos in the usual way. Show yourself in a different attractive way where people get attention to your video more easily.

For example, you take Kaby lame how he gets famous around the world without even speaking a single word just by doing one reaction.

It gets noticed by many people and most of the top celebrities are imitated his reaction. He just gets famous within a month whereas he doesn’t put any hard work into their videos. He just gave a single reaction to some cringe videos made by other creators.

He didn’t even create a full video and put more editing work for their videos. Many creators are doing reaction videos, but why did he get more famous among them. If you think like this you’ll also have an answer for your content creation.

Another creator reached 1.5 million subscribers in just 2 months. What he will do and how he will get that many subscribers on youtube.

He will do an experiment that is already done by many YouTubers. He just checks whether that experiment is a success or failure. That YouTuber does those experiments in humor way of acting.

So finally presenting a video in a unique style than creating videos in a usual way.

Youtube shorts

I’ve already told you about the power of youtube shorts in my previous posts. Most of the YouTubers are getting a million subscribers in one month by utilizing this platform only.

How they used this platform was they put 6 shorts and one 5 minutes long video, this method will automatically boost their channel and it is also good to get monetize your channel.

Are you doubting why are they putting more shorts and less long videos? This is because of youtube monetization policies.

From shorts, your video will get sudden growth where your video will get millions of views and subscribers. But you won’t get any money or watch hours for that youtube shorts.

To get monetization you have to meet 1000 subscribers who can attain through youtube shorts, But 4000 watch hours that you can’t attain only through shorts, because they won’t count the watch hours that came from shorts videos. They count watch hours only came from normal videos.

So only they can provide ads in that video. It will irritate you when they play a 15 seconds ad for 30 seconds shorts. So only they follow these rules for getting monetized for your channel.


Finally, it is the most important thing you have to follow to attain your goal. Try to put one or two videos a day. This method only makes you reach that 1 million subscribers count within one month.

It is not difficult to put two videos a day because you’re going to put short videos of 30 seconds long. Where you are going to create a 1-minute video for a day. This will make you spend 30–1 hour working only.

The other way is you can create whole videos for the week and schedule those for the week. You create those videos at the weekend and schedule for the coming week which will not affect your current work.

There are many sources and ways are available here. How much you utilize those sources are matters.

If you follow these steps you can achieve your goal in a short term itself. Many shorts creators have achieved this goal in a very short time. If they can why can’t you? Give it a try.

Thank you…

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