How to Create Automatic Videos for Youtube

How to create automatic videos for Youtube

Everyone having a smartphone or pc with the internet are eligible to create Automatic Videos and maintain a youtube channel. Even if you’re a working person and have no time to make videos for your channel, then no worry about it.

I’ll show you a simple way of making videos without doing any editing and video-making process. There are many A.I. video content creation tool which is used to make Automatic Videos.

It will definitely help you in many ways. There are both paid and free versions available online to make use of it. If you don’t have enough budget to spend money on that software, then not worry, I’m here to show you the free method of creating Automatic Videos for your youtube channel.

Is there anyone online using A.I generated videos for youtube?

The answer is Yes. Many YouTubers are there using A. I generated video content for their youtube channel. Mostly they use this tool for their explanation videos, slide share videos, and more.

It enhances their video in a better way. Many creators are these A. I content creator for their youtube shorts video that engages with the audience very well.


Invideo is the best free A. I video editor online tool. This tool converts text into stunning videos. If you’re a blogger trying to open a youtube channel for your blog website, it will really helpful for you.

Because you can create videos from your blog posts by pasting the text of your post in the text box at converting text into the video section.

There are many templates available for free to choose for which type of video you want. After choosing the template it is asking you to paste the text or link of the post. You don’t even put full text in that box just paste the URL link of any post you want to make a video of.

Then it takes a couple of minutes to create videos according to your text or post. After that, you can preview your video whether it is good or you want to change anything like the video or picture in that video.

You can also add your own video in that video by replacing the old one. If you don’t have any videos or pictures related to your video then you can get it from free sources like pexels , pixabay , etc.. on those websites.

After finishing merging videos or pictures to your video then export your video. That’s all your video is ready. It does not take you more time.

It is very useful for creating youtube shorts videos than longer videos. The most important thing is you can create videos for around 10 mins only.


If you want to add a voice-over for your video. You can give voice to your video by using the voice ov3er option in that tool itself.

Otherwise, you can use A. I software like google assistant,, etc for creating a human-like voice-over for your videos.

Such software provides you with plenty of voices where you are comfortable. But most of the software are having paid version only.

I’m using natural reader software which is free to use but you are limited to voices whereas I’m limited to human voices only. I think it’s just enough for me to create videos for youtube without any work and money.

If you want more about A.I. human voiceover for your videos then some of them provide a free trial where you can get used to it.

Follow my site and get notifications about future posts where you can find many details of free voiceovers for your videos.

This method is very helpful for blog website owners where they can drive traffic more for their sites without doing any extra work or spending money. You can also earn money from the youtube partner program.

This makes you create a good community around you that gives you more traffic for your site.

Thank you…

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