How to Start a Channel without Showing your Face

How to start a channel without showing your face

You are having an idea of starting a youtube channel in 2022, but you don’t want to show your face on your video. You can also start a youtube without showing your face. Only some video niches only need physical appearance.

So starting and making money on youtube without your face is not much difficult, but your channel will get reach lower than the people who showing their face and running their youtube channel.

Half of the videos you’re seeing on youtube will be faceless. Before creating videos you have to open a channel and set up your channel SEO optimized which is very important. If your beginner to youtube doesn’t know about setup and creating a youtube channel, then check out my previous posts about youtube.

You must set up your channel settings and other important details on your channel. The main things you must do before creating videos

Choose a Niche

Do keyword research

Analyse Competitors

Create Intro and outro for your channel

Create Your Brand logo

Create channel art

Fill the profile Description

Add your Social media accounts on your channel

And so on…

If you want a full tutorial about youtube, then check out my website.

Choose a Niche

Before creating a faceless youtube channel you have to choose a niche that is suitable and has good knowledge about the niche.

Don’t choose a niche that should not have any clear knowledge about that. Make sure you selected a niche with more content ideas you should make of.

Research your niche and analyze before choosing whether the niche has the capability of creating video without showing your face.

Benefits of Faceless Videos

For the faceless youtube channel, you won’t need to spend any money for it. Because you won’t need physical equipment like a Camera, Gimbal, lightings and so on.

For faceless video, you don’t need any physical types of equipment. You only need editing software which is available for free. If you going to give your voice for your video, then buy a quality mic for better audio quality.

That is the only gadget you going to spend money on that. If you don’t have a Computer or Laptop for editing your videos and managing your youtube channel, then you can use your Smartphone for all your work.

Using Smartphone for such stuff will not be better than a computer or laptop. You will get suffer a lot, but you can do all things on your smartphone itself.

No Budget Audio for Faceless videos

There is no budget for you to spend on the mic then you can use your Mobile or your earphones or headphones mic for recording.

If you’re going to use your mobile or earphones mic then record in a silent atmosphere like a room fully closed to avoid environmental noises.

There are many software and apps are available for free to tune in and to reduce the noise in your recording. So don’t worry about your mic.

If you don’t want to give your voice for your video because of inconvenience or there is no mic to use, then you can go for A. I powered human Voices for your video.

There are many tools and software are there available which also make your video look better, because of its pronunciation and voice quality.

Many YouTubers using those A. I powered Human voices for their video. Just type your script and paste it into the column given by them, then click ok, you can download that voice and if you want to choose another voice there is an option to change the voice, there you can choose what voice you want.

Mostly paid versions are only available online. It is difficult to find free software. For free give a try for google assistant.

If you want a better quality voice for video without paying a single penny, then follow my site I’ll tell you that how to record your audio for free online.

Free Music and Sounds

Without music, your video will become less attractive even if use voices. Music will enhance your video and keep engaging your audience throughout the video.

Most of the faceless videos highly depend on Music and sound effects only. So it is very important to use suitable music for your videos.

If you use any copyrighted music for your videos your channel will get banned and lost. So try to use copyright-free or Royalty free music for videos.

You don’t want to feel about where to find the royalty-free music for your videos. Youtube itself provides Thousands of Varieties of music and sounds for free.

You can get those free music and sounds on the Youtube creator studio of your channel itself. On the creator studio’s left side there you can find the Youtube Audio library where you get thousands of music and sounds.

There you can also find songs using the filter to find songs in genre-wise or Mood wise. It is shortlisted for you when using the filter option.

It only has the high quality of songs and music in it. Almost Every YouTuber uses only that music and songs for their videos to avoid getting copyright strikes for their videos.

Free Images and videos

Images and videos are the most important for every video. For faceless videos, you all have confusion about where to get royalty-free or copyright-free images and videos for video.

There are many platforms are available online to provide free videos and images for free. you can use those images and videos for any kind of work.

Pexels and Pixabay are the most famous platforms among everybody for getting free images and videos for their channel.

While using those videos and images for your videos, you have to give the proper credits to the creator of the videos and images. This is a more important one while using free videos and images.

Video Editor

To edit your videos, images, music, and voice, you must want video editing software. I’m using Filmora video editing software, but it’s paid software.

Filmora is easy to use and beginner-friendly video editing software. You can edit your videos with many effects, transitions, etc. you can also edit your voice audio in that software itself.

There are also many open source free video editing software available online. In the beginning, I use open-source video editing software.

The open shot is the best video editing software for beginners. There are many open source free software available online but it is more complicated than Open shot.

Their many extensions and online tools are also available for free to edit your videos without any effort. In my coming articles, I’ll show you about automatic video editing A.I. Software available online where you have to do nothing while the tool itself will do everything for you.

For those articles keep following my website otherwise subscribe to my site where you’ll receive notifications in your email whenever I put new posts.

Thumbnail Creation

An attractive thumbnail only makes people look into your videos. If you don’t know how to create an attractive thumbnail for your videos, then Visit Canva where you number of templates for free and paid.

You can just edit that template and make an attractive thumbnail. Canva is a powerful online tool where you can do many kinds of stuff.

You can also edit your videos and make videos using canvas. By using Canva itself many people are Millions of Dollars online in various forms.

Anything you can make possible. So use this platform for your work also which will make your video look better.

Marketing Your Content

Just making videos and uploading on youtube only will not give you views and subscribers. You have to market your content to people to reach higher.

Share your videos on Social media platforms and drive traffic to your videos. Try to share on every famous social media platform to get views and subscribers for your video.

Share on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Quora, Tumblr, Tik Tok, Reddit, and so on to get more visitors to your video.

I’ll soon make an article about marketing your content on social media platforms. To get notifications about my upcoming posts, Subscribe to my Site otherwise check daily my website for upcoming posts.

This is basic information about how to start a channel without showing your face.

If you want more updates related to this post or youtube, then subscribe to my site and check out my site for upcoming posts and updates.

Thank you…

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