Most Important Chrome Extensions for Youtubers

Most Important chrome extensions for Youtubers in 2022

After creating a youtube channel, many of them don’t know what to do next. I’m here to help you to set up a youtube channel easily without any difficulty.

In the starting stage, I’ve created a youtube channel in 2017, but I don’t know about the setup process of my youtube channel. I’m just posting my videos on my channel and I don’t put any descriptions, tags, or targeted keywords for my videos.

After getting a clear knowledge about the setup and SEO of the youtube channel. Now I’m using some chrome extensions which will make our work easier than before.

So I will here to list some chrome extensions for you, it is very useful if you’re a beginner to the youtube platform and also help experienced YouTubers.

1. Video Editor for Chromebook & more: Free app

WeVideo — Video Editor and Maker are one of the best editing extensions for YouTubers. If you don’t have any software for editing your videos, then you can consider this extension. It can edit, add voiceover, and record video using your webcam.

If you don’t want to spend money on any other editing software then you can choose this extension. It will professionally edit your videos.

Try this extension to edit your youtube videos.

2. Pro Mode for Youtube Video Editor

It’s another video editor for your videos. It is like a video editor on youtube. This extension also has many benefits of using. It will enhance the inbuilt youtube video editor. You can edit your videos without any difficulty.

But the suggestion is to use open-source video editing software if you don’t want to spend money on buying a license for video editing software.

Because using extensions in chrome will slow down your computer. Use any one of the above-mentioned extensions for video editing.

3. Clipchamp

This extension will be helpful for you to compress your video without affecting its original quality. You can use this by dragging and dropping the video in it. It also gives you a link where download the compressed from any device using this link.

This extension has the feature of recording videos using a webcam in various resolutions in your browser itself.

It will be helpful for those who do not have that much internet data to upload videos of more than 500 MB per day. So it will help you to compress your video and help to upload your video without quality loss.

Travel Vloggers will get benefit from this extension.

4. Nimbus Screenshot & Screen Video Recorder

This extension is really helpful for capturing screenshots of any webpage and screen recording any webpage or the whole screen. You can take screenshots of a specific portion on a webpage. It is one of the best extensions for YouTubers.

You can take screenshots of ratings like a small box to use in your video. Screen recording also helps for any explaining video online.

5. Tube Buddy

Tube Buddy is one of the most used extensions by YouTubers because it helps in various factors to grow your channel. One of my favorite extensions as a YouTuber.

It shows your competitors or any other youtube channel’s views, subscribers, date, time, SEO like video description, Video tags, keywords, categories, title, thumbnail, and the SEO score for the video.

You can copy your competitor’s tags, descriptions, keywords even thumbnails you can download from this extension. Using this extension you can set up your channel for better SEO to rank faster on youtube.

Must try this extension if you’re a YouTuber whether you’re a beginner or an experienced it will helpful for you and reduce your work half.

6. vidIQ Vision for Youtube

For youtube video ranking SEO is important, this extension will take care of our Video by showing our video SEO and giving suggestions about what we have to add to get a higher SEO score.

It helps your video to rank and appears in the suggestion section to get more views of your video. This extension every statistic of your video including social media likes, shares, and comments. It ranks every video on your channel.

This also has many other features for YouTubers. You must have this extension in your chrome if you want to grow among other YouTubers.

7. VISO for Chrome

VISO Catalyst for chrome gives you automated and intelligent optimization tips while you edit and upload a video on youtube. Just follow the tips given by VISO catalyst then see your video SEO ranking.

This extension makes your video great and optimizes your video title and description by improving your titles and description of your video to rank higher.

It also has a thumbnail editor where you can create attractive thumbnails which is more important for youtube video engagement.

An attractive thumbnail only makes people click your video to watch then it’s your video’s content to make the viewers into subscribers.

Try this extension because it has only paid version where you can use the 30-day trial version for free.


Above chrome extensions for Youtubers will reduce your burden in growing your youtube channel without any doubt.

Also having more extensions in your chrome will slow down your computer’s speed. Use only chrome extensions that are helpful for you.

Thank you…

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