How to setup SEO Optimized Youtube Channel Settings

How to set up SEO Optimized Youtube Channel Settings

How to setup SEO Optimized Youtube Channel Settings

Hello Everyone I’m gonna show you How to set up SEO Optimized Youtube Channel Settings Which helps your channel to be SEO optimized to appear in the search results.

It is the very important thing you have to do after you created your youtube channel. I will show you the full details about this setup.

So please read the full article and follow the full instructions which I give in the full article.

For this setup, you should have a desktop. If you’re a Smartphone user, you can also do this method by changing the browser into a desktop site.

But I suggest you use the PC to get convenience and to do for multitasking.

Customize your Youtube Channel Settings

Open youtube and log in to your account, then click your youtube channel icon and go to creator studio.

There you have to go Customization section

Basic Info

  • Go to the Basic Info section and there you have your channel name and description.


  • If you want to change or edit your name in the name section


  • Then fill in the description about which niche you’re going to work with and put some tags related to your channel niche.


  • By Scroll down you can see your channel URL address, you can copy that URL and share it with your friends and social media.


  • Next, you can find a links section where you can give your website or blog and your Social media URL link. if you have a website and social media related to your channel niche, then you can add the website’s name and URL in the appropriate section.


  • The given URL will appear in the right bottom corner of your channel art.


  • In the Links on the banner section, you can select how many links have to show in the channel art of your channel.


  • You have to give your E-mail or G-mail ID in your contact info section which is useful for viewers to contact for further queries.


Profile picture

Go to the branding section, where you have to upload a profile picture that is attractive and related to your channel name or channel niche which will appear in the video with the channel name.

Create your own profile picture using any editors which have to show you are unique from others in the profile picture itself.

There are many free platforms where you can create your own attractive profile picture.

Banner Image

A banner image will appear on the top of your channel. This image also has to attract and replicate your channel niche.

It gives your channel a rich look and attractive look. Create channel art for your channel in the given size which will appear in different sizes on Mobile, Desktop, and Tablet. To create your channel art according to the given pixels.

Video Watermark

This will appear inside in the right bottom corner of your video. You can change the display of this watermark by choosing Entire video or custom time or End of video.

You can choose the Entire video option.

Layout Section

Go to the layout section, there are video spotlight and feature sections.

Video Spotlight

It will appear on the top of the homepage of your channel.

Channel Trailer for people who haven’t subscribed

Create your channel trailer which will appear on your channel home page. You can create a channel trailer about the preview of channel videos for the people who haven’t Subscribed to your channel.

Featured video for returning subscribers

Here you can create a video highlighting for your subscribers. After watched this video will not appear next time at the top of your channel homepage.


Featured Sections

In this section, you can add several sections like single playlist, uploads, short videos, upcoming live streams, past live streams, live now and Popular uploads.

Adding these Sections will appear on the homepage of your channel, which helps your viewers to save time.

After setup these settings, there are other important and main settings of your channel to get your channel optimized for search results

Channel Settings

Go to Settings which is in the left bottom corner of your creator studio.

General Section

In this section, you can select your country currency or you can leave it as it is.

Channel Section

Give your country of residence in the basic info section and you have to add keywords that are related to your niche and your channel. It is important for your channel to rank in the search results and in the suggestion section.

Add a comma for every keyword you enter. Before entering keywords do research about your Channel niche and enter the most searched keywords on youtube.

Add many keywords till it gets finished.

In the Advanced settings, you can set your channel made for kids or not in the given below option. If you put both videos, then select the third option “I want to review this setting for every video”.

If you have a Google Adsense account, then you can link your AdSense account here. You can also add your after you got monetization to enable.

You can disable the Subscriber count if you don’t want to show your channel’s subscribers to viewers.

Keep the other settings as it is.

Features Eligibility

Default features will be automatically enabled when creating a channel itself.

But you have to verify your phone number for uploading videos for more than 15 mins.

Upload defaults

In this section, you can set some settings which you want to set for your video as default.

In my suggestion, just set your content language, title and description language, and category of your channel videos.

Don’t change other options, you can do other options by the time of uploading the video.

Permissions Section

In this section, you can give access to people as Managers who can manage your channel videos and channel, Editor, and Viewers.

That’s all.

These are the Settings you must set up for your youtube Channel for SEO optimized which shows in the search results and will help your channel to grow faster.

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Thank You…


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